film down-feeding horizontal packing machine

film down-feeding horizontal packing machine
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applicable to products with rregular shape, soft and easily deformed, multiple numbers, highdensity and viscous. For example: multiple spoons, hardware hammers, earphone chargers,multiple steamed bread, notebook, wet wipes and other products.

Machine features

1.The same machine can meet the witching packging of different products one machine for multiple purposes.
2.The fastest speed of standard how packing machine is 330 bags per minute,which is vevy efficient.
3. Custom made the non-standard machine according to different products attributes,sizes and packaging quantities The equipment that is custom made according to your requirements is the equipment suitable for you . 
4. Custom made full-servo configuration according to the requirements of your different products,or connect with your production line to achieve automatic produrts sorting, feeding and packing.


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