Autoburdening rationing system

Autoburdening rationing system
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Automatic balance system is a combination of automatic grading system according to

the product quantity and quality requirements, the main feature is to reduce duplication of weight,

improve the precision and efficiency of counterweight.


The combination of strong counterweight. These options

can be automatically combined with different Target weight to be packaged,

in line with the average weight principle. Automatic weight. The efficient solution of low efficiency of manual weight,

package Lift weight, automatic on-line weighing a counterweight to step in place, at the same time,

can realize high precision Packing: let reduce weight.

Multi mode optional. Can target a fixed number of package to achieve balance equipment(i.e.,

set a fixed number of products in the package, but also can realize the) mixed packing weight,

As many as 4 kinds of different products can be packaged according to the proportion of weight set in advance.

Scalable system solutions. The target weight machine can be connected with an automatic feeding machine,

artificial Packaging machine station / automatic packing station and other production lines, automatic feeding - target

Weight - manual / automatic packaging integration scheme. Product compatibility -- the exact weight

of the product from the product itself with And the size limit of products without dressing,

weight can be directly transported to the packaging sector.

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