To build a Chinese food machinery enterprise brand and move towards internationalization

Release time:2021-12-22 Visits:799

China’s food and packaging machinery has achieved rapid development in the past three decades.

Behind the rapid development of the food industry, domestic food processing machinery, food packaging machinery,

and food additives and other upstream suppliers have been promoting industrial upgrading and technological innovation.

Made an indelible contribution to jointly promote the modern development of China's food industry.

The purpose is to create a market environment that is conducive to accelerating the development of enterprises,

guide enterprises to establish brand awareness, enhance the spirit of innovation, and expand corporate brand influence.

There is still a gap between Chinese food machinery and foreign food machinery in terms of reliability, digital manufacturing, and key components.

China’s food machinery industry urgently needs to focus on brand building, vigorously implement the brand-driven strategy,

and focus on development to support high technology content, high added value, Branded products with potential in the market.

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